Every oil change at Boulder Auto Service and Repair includes a complete inspection of your car by an ASE Certified auto mechanic. This is the same inspection that we charge $52.00 for if purchased outright. We check every major (and minor) component of your car. This includes your battery, your brakes, the condition of your steering and suspension. We check for oil leaks, and check your exhaust system. We check your tire pressure, tire condition and we check to make sure all your headlights and tail lights are functioning properly.

We also check the condition of your fluids. This is very important, and often overlooked by companies that are quick lube oil change facilities. We are very concerned that we always use the fluid recommended by the manufacturer. That means we look up what fluid (oil, synthetic oil, antifreeze, etc.) your car is supposed to have (according to the maker of your car), and that is what we use, unless you ask us to use something else. In some cases, using the wrong fluids in your car can void the manufacturer’s warranty.

We charge $18.00 for the oil change labor, and the complete inspection by a qualified auto mechanic. In addition, we charge for the actual amount of oil your car needs (some cars take 4 quarts, some take 6 quarts, or more) and the appropriate oil filter for your car. No two cars need the same amount of oil, and the same oil filter. That is why we don’t have a “set” price for an oil change, like the quick lube auto shops do.

We will go over the inspection with you, and make you aware of any problems we see now, or that may be coming up in the future. We don’t give you a huge list of things that must be done right now. Instead, we give you a concise report of the condition of your car, and make you aware if something needs to be fixed right now, or what may be coming up in the future. Most of our customers come in for their oil change every three months (or six months with synthetic oil), and very often we are happy to report that their car is in great condition, and needs no service or repair at this time.

An oil change at Boulder Auto Service and Repair is an excellent value, and is a great opportunity to have an experienced auto mechanic check your car out on a regular basis. An oil change is the one act of regular maintenance that will keep you ahead of huge problems that can leave you waiting for a tow truck on the side of the road.


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