Engine maintenance is vital to the long term health of your car, and is the most important component in vehicle maintenance overall.

Car engine maintenance really comes down to servicing and maintaining your vehicle so that it operates as it was intended to operate.

The single most important thing that you can do to keep your vehicle in top condition is to do regular vehicle maintenance, and the best way to do that is to have your oil and filter changed at regular intervals by a trained and experienced auto mechanic.

Boulder Auto Service and Repair recommends that you have your oil changed and your car inspected by one of our trained auto mechanic’s every three months. The technician will do a complete inspection, and provide you with a written inspection detailing the tread depth of your tires, the measurements of both your front and rear brake pads, and a comprehensive checklist that checks all your cars systems, including all items that are associated with car engine maintenance.

These items include:

  • Spark Plug Condition
  • Spark Plug Wire Condition
  • Air Filter Condition
  • Fuel Filter Condition
  • Engine Oil Condition
  • Timing Belt Replacement by Mileage Interval
One of the most critical, and often, overlooked engine service is the replacement of the timing belt. If the timing belt breaks in any car, it will no longer run. In cars with interference engines, a broken timing belt can bend valves, which can completely ruin an engine. The timing belt is located deep inside the engine, and the only way to know if the belt needs to be replaced is to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendation as to the mileage interval. Some cars have a timing belt replacement recommendation at 60,000 miles, others at different intervals of mileage. Boulder Auto Service and Repair an tell you the exact mileage that your car’s manufacturer recommends that you change the timing belt.

Car engine maintenance is easy to accomplish when you have a relationship with a shop that regularly inspects your vehicle, and keeps records of any issue or concern that they discover during the inspection process.

Boulder Auto Service and Repair is your car engine maintenance and overall vehicle maintenance expert. Call us at 303-442-8717 to make an appointment.


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