What should you do if your check engine light comes on? This is cause for concern, but is not generally considered an emergency, unless your check engine light is flashing. If the light comes on, and is not causing the car to run badly, it is time to call for an appointment. If the check engine light is flashing, we recommend you have it towed in immediately.

An auto repair expert is needed to do an engine diagnostic to determine why your check engine light came on. Our team of ASE Certified Auto Mechanics use state of the art technology to do a pin point analysis of the reason your check engine light is on.

Boulder Auto Service and Repair uses many tools to diagnose car problems. These tools include the skill and experience of our auto mechanics, as well as a diagnostic scanner, which interfaces with your car’s computer to diagnose why your Service Engine Soon warning, or other warning lights have come on. A check engine light is only one problem we can use our scanner to diagnose. This tool can tell us many other things about the operational condition of your car.


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