Everyone has had the experience, at least once, of going out to their car in the morning, and finding that it won’t start. Few things can start your day out as badly as car electrical problems.

There are many possible reasons why your car won’t start. The first thing you may think has failed is the battery, and often it is. If your battery is over five years old, there is a good possibility that your car electrical problem is the battery. However, there are several other possibilities, and it is in your best interest to rule them out before you buy a new battery for your car.

Our auto mechanics are car electricians. They have the tools, experience and know how to diagnose why your car won’t start. Anyone can sell you a battery, but if the actual problem is that your alternator isn’t charging your battery, your car will soon fail again.

Car electrical repair is more than selling you a battery. To get to the root of your car electrical problem, we will test all of your car’s electrical system. This includes testing your battery, the battery connections, the starter, the alternator, and to make sure that you don’t have a constant draw of electricity that you are unaware of.

Boulder Auto Service and Repair has the tools, technology and experience to diagnose any automotive electrical repair.


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