Most of us don’t think about auto air conditioning repair until the first hot day of Spring. At first, you aren’t sure if it’s your imagination or the car really isn’t cooling off when you turn your Air Conditioner on. If you decide it’s the car, and not your imagination, it may be time for a car air conditioner recharge, and you will need to call an auto air conditioning repair expert.

Boulder Auto Service and Repair has certified and licensed auto air conditioning service technicians.

Auto air conditioning service requires the proper tools, technology and experience of an ASE certified auto mechanic. The gases in an auto air conditioning system must be treated with respect, so that they are not accidentally discharged into the atmosphere.

Auto AC repair requires a special machine that we hook up to your cars air conditioning system. To perform a car air conditioner recharge we must evacuate the Freon from your car, and test your system for leaks. Once we are satisfied that your air conditioner system is not leaking, we will refill your car with the Freon we evacuated, and add enough additional Freon to recharge your system so that it is working at peak efficiency, and is cooling well.

The next time you think you need an auto air conditioning service, call Boulder Auto Service and Repair at 303-442-8717 to schedule an appointment.


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