Boulder Auto has a full range of automotive services available and can take care of your regular maintenance, as well as any significant repair that your vehicle might need. Call us now to get a quote or book online through the link below: 303-442-8717.

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Services Offered

A/C Recharge
Brake Pads
Coolant Leaks
Engine Overheating
Water Pumps
Engine Misfire
Clutch Adjustment
Clutch Replacement
Engine Replacement
Engine Running Problems
Check Engine Light Diagnostic
Muffler Replacement
Catalytic Converter Replacement
Factory Maintenance Inspection & Service
Fuel System Diagnosis and Repair
Fuel Pumps
Fuel Filter Replacement
Fuel Injector Replacement
Tune Ups
Spark Plug Replacement
Ignition Wire Replacement
Oil Change
Power Steering Pump
Power Steering Leaks
Tie Rods
Control Arms
Shock Absorbers
Timing Belt Replacement
Timing Belt Diagnostic
Tire Repair
Tire Replacement
Snow Tires
Tire Rotations
Trailer Hitch Installation
Electrical wiring for Trailer Hitches
Transmission Diagnosis
Transmission Flushes
Transmission Replacement
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